Marine Cargo Insurance in Thailand. Cover for your pecious and important marine cargo by AA Insurance Brokers, Thailand's leading Insurance Providers.
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Marine / Cargo Insurance Thailand.

Marine / Cargo Insurance Thailand

Marine / Cargo - Marine Cargo Policy provides international insurance coverage for your cargo in the course of transit by sea, air or parcel post from warehouse to warehouse.

Trade happens accross the world each day, round the clock, and the need to protect and secure cargo is covered by our plans of Marine / Cargo Insurance. AA Insurance Brokers keep in mind that your cargo needs to be insured for incidents such as name perils and all other risk factors.

Insurance for Marine / Cargo in and out of Thailand.

Insurance for Marine / Cargo in and out of Thailand

AA Insurance Brokers can provide your company with various plans and options that help cover your precious Marine / Cargo goods as you export or import in and out of Thailand or even accross Thailand.


• If you import on FOB or C&F terms, you are required to insure the shipment in Thailand.

• If you export on CIF term, you are required to insure the shipment in Thailand.

Importing on FOB or C&F terms and exporting on CIF term are your trading benefits.

Marine Cargo Coverage

This covers loss or damage (partial or total) due to fire, explosion, ship stranding, ship sinking, overturning or derailment of land conveyance, collision, earthquake, volcanic eruption, lightning, washing overboard, theft, including war, strikes, riots and civil commotion.

Inland Transit Insurance

Goods in transit within Thailand can be insured under the following covers:

Name Perils

Covers accidental loss of or damage to the insured cargo resulting from collision, overturning, derailment of land conveyance and fire.

All Risks

Covers all accidental loss or damage except those specifically excluded.