Motorbike Insurance

As a biker you are pretty vulnerable and your risk of getting hit is relatively high. You want the assurance that if something happens to you or another person while on the bike, you’re completely covered. This is of special importance in Thailand, where traffic rules aren’t observed the same way as in most other countries. AA Insurance Brokers works with many different insurance companies in the area of motorbike insurances. We can offer you a wide range of policies that suit your needs and budget, whatever age, make or model of your bike.


Some of the coverages provided by a First Class Motorbike Insurance are: ​

  • Third Party Bodily Injury or Death
  • Third Party Property Damage
  • All risks including collision, explosion, perils of nature etc.
  • Fire and Theft
  • Personal Accident Benefits and Accicent Medical Expenses
  • Bail Bond

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