Motorbike Insurance | Frequently Ask Questions

A voluntary insurance is advisable since the coverage of the Compulsory insurance is very limited: a maximum of 80.000 Thai Baht for Third Party medical expenses and a maximum of 300.000 Thai Baht in case of death. Also, the Compulsory Insurance does not cover property damage and/or damage to your own motorbike. With a voluntary First or Third Class insurance you have a higher coverage for Third Party Liability, a cover for property damage and a bail bond cover.

This is the lump sum that the insured or beneficiary receives in case of dismemberment or death.

Doctor and/or hospital bills for expenses caused by a motorbike accident.

The Third Party Liability cover on a 'voluntary' Motorbike Insurance (i.e. First Class or Third Class insurance) does not apply to family members in the first degree (for example: legal spouse, mother, father, children etc.).

The Compulsory Insurance will always cover, even when the driver does not have a driver’s license. An extra Voluntary Insurance will however not cover if the driver does not have a driver’s license. Some insurance companies do accept a car driver’s license. You can check this by contacting us.