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Besides providing comprehensive insurances for your domestic and business life in Thailand, AA Insurance Brokers is also there to help insuring you and your surroundings while pursuing your favorite hobbies. Whether you are a boat, golf or drone enthusiast, we make sure we got you covered!

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Boat Insurance has you covered in those unforeseen circumstances where a storm rears up or in case of an unfortunate boating accident. Sail with confidence and with a greater peace of mind, knowing your boat is protected against calamities both on and off water.


A loose swing causing injury or (property) damage to yourself or a third party, your golf equipment getting lost or stolen: golf can be an expensive sport and occasionally (believe it or not) quite dangerous! Various plans and options of Golf Insurance can help making your golf experience complete.


Upon purchase of your drone, the first thing you want to do is to get it up in the air! Drone registration is however mandatory in Thailand, so is an additional drone insurance that covers damages up to at least 1,000,000 Thai Baht. Depending on the size, cost and weight of your drone several types of plans are available. Whether for commercial or private reasons, we can help you secure safety while flying! Request a Drone Insurance quote


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