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What is Corporate Insurance?

In the perspective of an employee, corporate insurance is a type of insurance coverage provided by an employer that offers financial protection and benefits to its employees. This type of insurance is designed to help employees cope with the financial costs associated with various events and situations, such as illnesses, disabilities, or death.

For employees, corporate insurance can provide a sense of security and peace of mind, knowing that they and their families are financially protected in case of unexpected events. Some common types of corporate insurance for employees include health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance.

Having access to corporate insurance can also be seen as a benefit for employees, as it can help attract and retain talent within the organization. Additionally, by offering insurance coverage to its employees, a company can demonstrate its commitment to its employees' well-being and financial security.

Employee Benefits:

a. Group health
Group health insurance offers benefits to a group of employees working for the same company. Depending on the company requirements and wishes from employees, this can be essential cover or comprehensive cover, obviously the available budget also plays a role here. We as brokerage will go after the best possible benefits for the lowest premium but will never forget the true stability of the insurer and long-term perspective of the company.
 I. Inpatient / Outpatient / Dental / Maternity / Preventative care / Evacuation & repatriation


Thailand Elite Membership Packages

Membership Validity Membership Fee
Elite Ultimate Privilege 20 Years 2,140,000 THB
Elite Family Premium Subject to validity 1,000,000 THB
Elite Superiority Extension 20 Years 1,000,000 THB
Elite Family Alternative 10 Years 800,000 THB
Elite Privilege Access 10 Years 1,000.000 THB
Elite Ultimate Privilege 5 Years 1,500,000 THB
Elite Family Excursion 5 Years 800,000 THB
Elite Easy Access 5 Years 600,000 THB

Interested in obtaining a Thailand Elite visa?
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Form | Thailand Elite Residence Program

Logo Elite Thai Goverment

Thailand Elite Residence Program | Frequently Ask Questions

There are seven program options for the Thailand Elite Residence Program. All options have common features such as airport immigration express services (elite personal assistance through immigration and access to executive lounges), access to a 24-hour contact centre, and government concierge services. The main differences between the program options are the term of the visa (either five, 10, or 20 years), the nature of the airport transfer services, and other complimentary benefits included in the package.

The key factors one must consider when deciding on a Thailand Elite program option are:

1. Do you require a visa for 5, 10, or 20 years?
2. Would you like to apply for yourself only or for your family members as well?
3. What additional benefits and complimentary services do you require?

We from AA Insurance are happy to assist you selecting the right program option for you.

No. A Thailand Elite visa is categorized as a Tourist visa and does not allow you to work in Thailand. A work permit in Thailand can only be obtained under a working Non-B visa.

No, an applicant is not required to make any investment to apply for the program.

A colour copy of each applicant’s passport picture page (the passport must have a minimum validity of 1 year and 3 blank pages);

· Colour passport-size photo of each applicant;
· Copy of birth certificate**;
· Copy of marriage certificate**;
· Copy of any Thai visa (if any) including entry stamps.

**Only required for family applications. Please do note these documents must be translated into English and such translations must be notarized or certified.

Holding a foreign passport;

· Not having previously overstayed in Thailand;
· Not having been sentenced by a judgment to imprisonment in any countries except for an offense committed due to negligence;
· Not having been adjudicated bankrupt;
· Not having been declared as a person of unsound mind, incompetence, or quasi-incompetence;
· Being allowed to stay in Thailand in accordance with the immigration laws or any related law of Thailand;
· Not younger than 20 years (only for the Elite Ultimate Privilege program).

The application process starts with 1) completing and submitting a Thailand Elite application form and relevant documentation 2) making payment and submitting proof of payment and 3) making an appointment at the Chaeng Wattana Immigration office / Thai consulate or Embassy in your home country (in case you are overseas) by providing a copy of the Welcome Letter to the Member Contact Centre of Thailand Elite.

The application process of the Thailand Elite Residence membership and Thailand Elite visa may take 1-3 months.

As a Thailand Elite visa holder, you can stay in Thailand as long as you wish according to the validity of the program option selected.

If you have stayed in Thailand over 365 days, you need to file for a 1-year visa extension. You can do so by providing the Member Contact Centre of Thailand Elite with the following documentation:

· A copy of your latest stamp;
· A copy of the T.M. 6 form (your arrival / departure card);
· A copy of the T.M. 30 form (your residence notification form).
Once received, the Member Contact Centre can issue a job assignment for your local immigration office. Please allow a processing time of max. 5 working days. Important is to file the documentation before the expiration date of your visa stamp.

***Note*** Members must have the Elite Visa sticker inside the current passport and can do their extension in that passport.

The Benefits over a Retirement visa are:

· Validity of your Thailand Elite visa is 5-10 or 20 years compared to one year for a Retirement visa.
· No 800.000 THB financial requirement.
· Private medical insurance is not mandatory.
· No agent fees to renew your visa.
· No government fees to renew your visa an no need to apply for a re-entry permit.
· Government concierge ‐ to assist with the 90-day report, business networking, immigration service processes, opening a bank account, obtaining driver’s license.
· Fast track lane at immigration and passport-control processing.
· Airport limousine services (depending on the chosen program option).
· Airport lounge access.
· 24-Hour Member Contact Centre able to assist you in multiple foreign languages.
· Health check-up (depending on the chosen program option).
· King Power duty free benefits and special discounts at restaurants, hotels, spas, golf courses, dining establishments, and popular shopping centres.
· Tax number is available.

A successful applicant is still required to do his / her 90-day report if one has continuously stayed in the Kingdom without leaving for over 90 days. The 90-day report can be taken care of by the Thailand Elite team provided you live in one of the following cities: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Pattaya.

No, a successful applicant will receive a 5-year multiple entry visa. With a multiple re-entry visa, you can leave and enter Thailand as many times as you like within the validity of your visa.

Payments are made directly to the Thailand Elite. You can submit payment either from your local Thai bank account or from a bank account overseas.

We have been a long time, authorized partner of Thailand and have all the inhouse knowledge to assist you. From choosing the right program option to guiding you through the application process in a quick and efficient way. We will be on your side every step of the way and are here to assist you in Dutch, German, and English for any questions you might have before, throughout and after the application process has been finalized.